"The preceding band was Chord Four, comprised of West Coast-based 30-somethings Andrew Conrad on tenor saxophone, Brandon Sherman on trumpet, Emilio Terranova on bass and Colin Woodford on drums, who have been together since 2008, and sounded like it.

Their seven original compositions coalesced a global array of rhythms and out-of-the-box structures to facilitate fresh thinking on the improvisations, which, indeed, were consistently focused and creative. Although Chord Four’s has been described as “avant-garde,” only the kaleidoscopic third piece (no title was announced) stood outside the 21st-century mainstream. After a brisk, odd-metered unison opening, Woodford blew a drone through a tubal instrument. The flow switched to a free-boppish sax-trumpet call-and-response space. Sherman—who displayed enviable control throughout the proceedings—soloed first, floating through the melody over a double-time bass vamp; after another statement of the form, he uncorked a brisk solo that evoked the raw lucidity of L.A. trumpet legend Bobby Bradford. Terranova played a virtuosic bass solo more reminiscent of Roberto Miranda than Charlie Haden. Conrad’s light-toned tenor solo, as throughout, was notable for motific phrasing and deliberate development."

Ted Panken. Downbeat News. Jan 9, 2018

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